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Jiangsu Fengli acquisition Tsuji industry (Jiangsu)

Date:2019-01-04 13:47:46
Recently, reporters from domestic and foreign sources that, after several rounds of consultations, the domestic private enterprises in Jiangsu Fengli Group Co., Ltd. with Japan's Tsuji Sangyo Co. "pipe Choi Man" (similar to domestic bankruptcy court-appointed regulatory body) formally agreed assets transfer agreement to acquire sole Tsuji industry heavy Machinery (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd., the specific amount of the acquisition were not disclosed, the relevant legal procedures asset transfer plan fully completed end of June.
Tsuji Industry (Jiangsu) Company-owned enterprises Tsuji Sangyo Co., Ltd. of Japan in October 2003 in Zhangjiagang City, Jiangsu Province, created a total investment of over 120 million US dollars, mainly engaged in ship section, port machinery and marine cranes and other products, building there are two 30,000-ton berth. The company began in 2007 to get involved in the entire ship construction business and in the same year received the 12 30,000-ton bulk carrier orders more than 10 ships and vessels with the intention of orders. Tsuji Sangyo Co., Ltd. in Japan announced the end of October 2008 bankruptcy, the company has not delivered ship.
After Tsuji Industry (Jiangsu) Company is the acquisition, the company name, the production and operation scope remains the same, continue to use the original Japanese production management system. To enhance the technical strength, Jiangsu Fengli Group from Singapore by a hired a shipbuilding and marine engineering as well as experts in the field of international trade ship of the technical management team. In the future, Tsuji Industry (Jiangsu) Company will be the main 30,000-ton ship the following construction market, with an annual output capacity of 30,000 10 to 12-ton bulk carrier is finally formed. At present, Jiangsu Fengli Group has identified 16 new ship construction program, with orders to undertake original, Tsuji Industry (Jiangsu) Company mission scheduled to ship construction in 2013.
Reprinted from China Ship Online Network

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